An In-Plan Annuity with Three Life Insurers

Asset manager AllianceBernstein and three life insurers—Jackson National, Lincoln National, and Nationwide—are offering their Secure Income Portfolio deferred variable annuity (with income rider) to plan sponsors as a retirement drawdown tool.
Anecdotal Evidence

Double Trouble in the Bermuda Triangle

What can go wrong with the Bermuda Triangle strategy, with its closely affiliated annuity issuers, reinsurers and asset managers? PHL Variable Insurance, a former unit of Nassau Financial, is now in "rehabilitation." A-CAP and 777 Partners discovered that it's dangerous to mess with European football fans.

A Plan Sponsor’s Guide to In-Plan Annuities

Broadridge, Cannex, The Index Standard, Micruity, and ERISA attorney Fred Reish have co-produced a 39-page guide designed to help 401(k) plan sponsors choose a retirement income tool for their plans.

Test-drive annuities at CANNEX/Luma ‘Marketplace’

The Annuity Marketplace will provide income, rate, yield, and product information on annuities from more than 60 issuers, a CANNEX release said. Advisers can illustrate the outcomes of market scenarios and investment choices across products, asset allocations, riders, and annuity categories.
Bermuda Shorts

Athene’s group annuities not the ‘safest available,’ lawsuit charges

The suit against Athene may be a test case for the legitimacy of Bermuda Triangle strategy. In other news from the Bermuda Triangle: Annuity sales boom attracts private equity-backed insurers: AM Best; 26North in $4.9 billion reinsurance deal; Suit continues against Aon plc over Bermuda reinsurance; Strength ratings of Everlake Life (formerly Allstate) downgraded; Midland National FIA for RIAs leads its category.

Annuities enjoy record sales in 1Q2024

'Total annuity sales have come down from fourth quarter 2024, largely due to a softening in the fixed-rate deferred annuity market. However, LIMRA expects annuity sales to perform well through 2024,' said Bryan Hodgens, head of LIMRA research.

The age-old question: How long will your clients live?

For financial advisers trying to estimate how long their high-net-worth clients will live, a new white paper from HealthView suggests that only the very healthiest people need expect to live to age 95.


May 2024

For Ibexis Life, Cayman Outshines Bermuda

This Missouri-domiciled life insurer epitomizes the asset-manager-driven life/annuity companies that have been disrupting the U.S. life/annuity business since 2010 or so. In its first year selling fixed indexed annuities, it sold $453 million worth....
April 2024

Life Insurers as LEGO Monsters

Michael Gordon, CEO of Axonic Insurance, part of Axonic Capital, sees the future of the life/annuity/asset-management business as an increasingly a la carte affair, where the components of the business are like interchangeable Lego...