Become Your Future You, TIAA-CREF Ad Campaign Urges

Besides ad spots in every media, the campaign will feature videos that demystify such challenges as how to pursue your passions and still save, how not to run out of money, and how to make savings 'work harder.'

TIAA-CREF appears to be trend-hopping. And if it works, why not?

A couple of years ago, Lincoln Financial ran a clever series of ads about people who meet their older, grayer and wiser “future selves” in coach class on airplanes and on benches in hospital corridors. The message: It’s time to start planning for retirement, etc.

And just last week, at the Department of Labor/Treasury hearings on in-plan income options, Shlomo Benartzi, the UCLA behavioral economist and Allianz Life consultant, talked about how motivating it would be to show people two views of their lifestyle 20 or 30 years hence, with the lifestyles based on whether they’d saved a lot or a little.

Now comes TIAA-CREF with a new marketing and advertising campaign called “Become Your Future You.”

The campaign began with a commercial on the CBS “TIAA-CREF College Football Today” pre-game show on September 18th prior to the national telecast of the University of Florida-University of Tennessee football game. It will run throughout the fall with TV, radio, print, and online advertising.

The campaign was created by TIAA-CREF and Digitas, New York, with TV ads directed by documentary filmmaker Peyton Wilson. “How-to” videos for the campaign were produced by TIAA-CREF and Howcast Media, Inc.

The campaign website,, explains TIAA-CREF helps clients “become” who they want to be and realize what they want to achieve. It also will feature a series of videos that demystify such financial challenges as how to pursue your passions and still save for retirement, how to avoid running out of money, and how to make your savings work harder for you.

Campaign media also is available on Facebook ( and YouTube (, as well as featured on Twitter ( TIAA-CREF serves more than 3.7 million people who work in the non-profit fields and their families.

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