Journal of Retirement Publishes Winter 2014 Issue

An article by Steve Vernon of the Stanford Center on Longevity lists seven objections to annuities and offers counter-arguments to each. The issue also includes articles on tontines, on structured variable annuities and on the under-reporting of retirement income.

The Journal of Retirement has just released its Winter 2014 issue. The journal is published by Institutional Investor Journals, edited by George A. (Sandy) Mackenzie and sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It features academic articles on, as the editor puts it, “a broad range of issues in retirement security.”

The latest issue features the following articles:

“Contribution of Pension and Retirement Savings to Retirement Income Security: More Than Meets the Eye,” by Billie Jean Miller and Sylvester J. Schieber.

“Retirement Income for the Wealthy, Middle and Poor,” by Meir Statman.

“The Tontine: An Improvement on the Conventional Annuity?” by Paul Newfield.

“Low Bond Yields and Efficient Retirement Income Portfolios,” by David Blanchett.

“The Role of Annuities in Retirement,” by Steve Vernon.

“Annuities, Credits and Deductions: An Experimental Test of the Relative Strength of Economic Incentives,” by John Scott and Jeffrey Diebold.

“Structured Product–Based Variable Annuities: A New (and Complex) Retirement Savings Vehicle,” by Geng Deng, Tim Dulaney, Tim Husson, and Craig McCann.

“Defined Contribution Plans and Very Large Individual Balances,” by John A. Turner, David D. McCarthy, and Norman P. Stein.

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