Roth IRA Conversion Promotions Are All The Rage Online

Many firms have launched engaging online sales campaigns focusing on the Roth IRA conversion opportunities that will be available in 2010.

On January 1, 2010, all of the advantages offered by Roth IRAs — tax-deferred growth, tax-free distributions and no required minimum distributions — became available to a new demographic of investors thanks to a provision in TIPRA (Tax Increase Prevention & Reconciliation Act of 2005).

Previously, individuals who had modified gross adjusted incomes above $100,000 a year or were married and filed separately were unable to convert their traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRAs to Roth IRAs.  Signed into law in 2006, the TIPRA provision eliminates these restrictions, extending Roth IRA eligibility to the higher earning investors that are coveted by top firms.  

In anticipation of the impending Roth IRA conversion opportunity and the subsequent influx of higher net worth investors, more than half of the firms we cover have introduced focused Roth IRA sales campaigns and resources online over the last six months. Firms have aggressively targeted both prospective investors and financial professionals in an attempt to establish footing with these key audiences.

John Hancock and Pacific Life have been the most active firms, rolling out impressive online sales campaigns equipped with engaging education and sales resources. John Hancock’s 2010 Roth Opportunity campaign is publicly available and targets prospective investors and clients. Pacific Life’s Roth IRAS: Take a New Look campaign is featured exclusively on advisor websites and focuses on advisor sales support.

Homepage promotions, a page dedicated to Roth IRA education, an educational series of videos and four new calculators make up the comprehensive John Hancock Roth IRA Opportunity campaign. The homepage promotional images, which have been running since September, link to the informative Roth IRA Center page. A comparison table highlighting differences between Traditional and Roth IRAs is presented along with a list of nine investor suitability considerations.

John Hancock 2010 Roth Opportunity Homepage Promotion

John Hancock Roth IRA Center Page

John Hancock Roth IRA Center

The aforementioned Roth IRA-focused videos and calculators are also accessible from the Roth IRA Center. The three part video series looks at key strengths, investor suitability considerations and potential retirement and estate planning benefits related to the Roth IRA Conversion. The four calculators help users perform detailed comparisons between Roth and Traditional IRAs, breakeven analysis and hypothetical legacy planning.

The Pacific Life Roth IRA Conversions: Take A New Look campaign is advisor-focused and offers a diverse selection of engaging client and advisor education resources and sales materials. The firm has been promoting the campaign on the homepage for nearly three months using a variety of colorful images.

Pacific Life Roth IRA Conversions: Take A New Look Homepage Promotion

Pacific Life Roth IRA Conversions: Take A New Look Homepage Promotion

Homepage promotions all link to a campaign-exclusive sales resources page that has been frequently updated over the past three months. Advisor education brochures are made available along with a variety of sales materials for use with clients including informational brochures, pamphlets, prospecting letters and marketing flyers.

Pacific Life Roth IRA Conversions: Take A New Look Sales Resources Page

Pacific Life Roth IRA Conversions: Take A New Look Sales Resources Page

It is no secret that the past 15 months have been unkind to the financial services industry. The Roth IRA conversion represents an excellent opportunity for firms to add new clients and bolster their businesses in the new year.


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