Symetra FIA surpasses $1 billion in sales

The Edge Pro fixed indexed annuity gives clients the choice of two index options: the S&P 500 Index and the S&P GSCI Excess Return Index.

Symetra Life Insurance Company announced that total sales of its Symetra Edge Pro Fixed Indexed Annuity have crossed the $1 billion mark. Introduced in April 2011 and sold through banks and broker-dealers, Edge Pro gives clients the choice of two index options — the S&P 500 Index and the S&P GSCI Excess Return Index — and offers a fixed account option and guaranteed minimum value feature.

Contract owners who leave their money untouched through the end of the five- or seven-year surrender charge period will see growth regardless of index performance. Owners can also withdraw up to 10 percent of the contract value annually, free of surrender charge. Guaranteed lifetime income options and a nursing home and hospitalization waiver also are available.

In just over two years since launch, Symetra Edge Pro has become a core product for Symetra. In response to the product’s success,   Symetra’s Retirement Sales team is expanding its wholesaling support in New Jersey and northern Florida for the first time. Twenty-six wholesaling territories across the country now support Symetra retirement products.

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