Welcome to RIJ+Advisor

Welcome to RIJ+Advisor, a twice-monthly supplement to Retirement Income Journal. Our mission is to help financial advisors of all stripes to become specialists in helping Baby Boomers turn their life savings into lifetime income.

In a web-world full of publications aimed at financial intermediaries, advisors, why add another dozen megabytes to the fire? More important, in an era of e-mail saturation, why send out another e-mail?

We know that a new kind of advisor is emerging—the retirement income specialist. And this type of advisor will need a regular news publication that specializes in information about retirement income. RIJ+Advisor will respond to that need.

Retirement income specialists, by our working definition, are advisors who want to create custom income solutions for their clients. They are advisors who comprehend all the risks of retirement, and who, most importantly, want to mix insurance and investment products in ways that maximize income and minimize risk.

If this describes you, RIJ+Advisor will deliver the news you want and need. The content will evolve—just as the field is evolving—but we can promise that the news will concern income-generating products and processes, compensation practices, retirement designations, and ways of understanding client behavior.

What about Retirement Income Journal?

RIJ+Advisor is a part of RIJ. In fact, you will be able to toggle back and forth between the two pages. RIJ+Advisor is available to all RIJ individual and group subscribers at no extra cost (and vice-versa). We believe that by segmenting our manufacturing-related and our distribution-related news and advertising, we can serve our varied audience better. For the first six issues (three months) RIJ+Advisor content will be freely available to all. After that, the full content will be available only to individual and group subscribers.

We’re confident that RIJ+Advisor will help you grasp the vast and growing opportunity that the Boomer retirement market presents. If you have any suggestions or questions, I welcome them. Email me at [email protected].

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