Deep reading

New research on interest rates, bitcoin, etc.

Thrivent's Tanweer Akram on the effects of Fed tightening, Roger Farmer on Milton Friedman and inflation since 1979, plus research on crypto-currency and on the average age of entrepreneurs. (It's higher than you might think.)
The Economy

Nobody Wins a Trade War

'Sit back, take a deep breath, and try to figure out why the stock market has been reacting so violently,' writes our guest columnist, who blogs about the economy.
Financial wellness

A ‘SideCar’ Account for UK Plan Participants

NEST, Britain's public-option defined contribution plan wants to let participants people access some of their retirement money for emergencies more easily.


April 5, 2018

‘Peeps’ Try to Peck Through a Pension Shell

A Pennsylvania maker of colored marshmallow ‘chicks’ wants to be the first company in a ‘closed MEP’ pension plan to stay in the plan but put all new hires in a 401(k). A $60...
March 29, 2018

It’s Hot Around the ‘Collar’

Nervous investors can get an indexed collar strategy from an annuity or an ETF. Great West Financial and Innovator Capital Management have new products in the category. Cap-and-buffer products, pioneered by AXA, are the...
March 22, 2018

In Canada, ‘LIFE’ Begins at 85

Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald (right or below), a research fellow at Toronto's Ryerson University, proposes a voluntary, tontine-like deferred income annuity called Lifetime Income for the Elderly (LIFE). Canadians could make a one-time payment at age...