With New Indexed Annuity, Nationwide Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

In February, Nationwide introduced New Heights, a fixed indexed annuity with an enticing "uncapped" crediting strategy and a novel living benefit rider for the b/d and independent agent channels. It's designed by Annexus to maximize what investors care about most.

Making Income Rise as Health Declines

A fee-only adviser in Philadelphia used 'medically underwritten' or impaired annuities from Mutual of Omaha to increase the retirement incomes of older, single men in declining health.

Life Insurance in a Bucketed Income Plan

This case study from Securities America uses life insurance to help a 'constrained' mass-affluent retired couple protect the surviving spouse from a partial loss of pension and Social Security income.

SEI Ups its TDF Game

Six months ago, SEI, which specializes in multi-manager TDF funds, recruited veteran defined contribution specialist Scott Brooks (left) away from Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management to start making presentations to large DC plan sponsors.

Happy Fifth Anniversary, RIJ

Today’s issue of RIJ, which represents our 250th issue and marks our five-year anniversary as a publication, seems like an appropriate vehicle for a brief message about how we’re “doing” and our plans for the future.

Vanguard answers RIJ questions about HFT

For answers to our questions about the impact of high-frequency trading, we turned to Vanguard. The no-load index fund specialist seems to think HTF does more good than harm.

Morningstar publishes March fund flows

Excluding the transfer of Fidelity's mutual fund assets to collective investment trusts, PIMCO was the only fund provider among the top 10 to see net outflows in the first quarter.