Retirement Wonks and Honky-Tonks

Having stopped Congress from cutting tax breaks for savers in December's tax bill, the American Retirement Association celebrated with three-days of reflection and revelry in Nashville.
Conference update

LIMRA Ponders the Annuity Puzzle

'We can stick with business as usual, or we can work with regulators to remove some of the hurdles to selling annuities,' said Ernst & Young's Doug French at the Retirement Industry Conference in Chicago last week.

People with pensions conserve their savings: EBRI

'Instead of spending down, a large number of retirees are continuing to accumulate assets throughout retirement,' writes Sudipto Banerjee of T. Rowe Price, who prepared the report on decumulation for the Employee Benefit Research Institute.
Anecdotal Evidence

Little Love for SEC ‘Best Interest’ Proposal

Having kicked the fiduciary can for two decades, the SEC has finally done something. But it didn't seem to do much--or, more importantly, enough--to define the phrase "best interest." 


April 12, 2018

An Income Strategy for a Couple with $200K

Joe Tomlinson, an advisor who often recommends immediate annuities in income plans, takes a different tack in his plan for a hypothetical couple, both age 65.
April 5, 2018

‘Peeps’ Try to Peck Through a Pension Shell

A Pennsylvania maker of colored marshmallow ‘chicks’ wants to be the first company in a ‘closed MEP’ pension plan to stay in the plan but put all new hires in a 401(k). A $60...
March 29, 2018

It’s Hot Around the ‘Collar’

Nervous investors can get an indexed collar strategy from an annuity or an ETF. Great West Financial and Innovator Capital Management have new products in the category. Cap-and-buffer products, pioneered by AXA, are the...