This Is How You Sell Annuities

'This works really well with couples, where the husband is a risk taker but the wife is worried that she’ll be left without any money,' said Curtis Cloke about Retirement NextGen, a new software tool that replicates his planning techniques.

The Case for ‘Behavioral’ Portfolio Theory

In his latest book, 'Finance for Normal People: How Investors and Markets Behave,' Prof. Statman describes the behavioral-wants frontier. He contends that people seek 'utilitarian, expressive and emotional' benefits from what they buy.

Time for Retirement ‘SeLFIES’?

The Nobel Prize-winning economist and his colleague propose a new way to turn DC savings into retirement income. It involves 'Standard of Living Indexed, Forward-Starting, Income-Only Securities' (SeLFIES), an unprecedented government bond.

Survivor Funds: Not for the Faint of Heart

“Survivor funds,” which offer mortality credits but aren’t annuities, could provide investors with enhanced returns, these authors claim. But, for some, loss of principal would be certain. (Painting of New York's Tontine Coffee House by Streeter Blair, 1953)
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Boeing’s 401(k) Joins the Hueler Annuity Platform

Boeing joined IBM, General Motors, Vanguard and other firms in giving its 401(k) plan participants access to the Hueler Income Solutions platform, where they can roll over savings to an IRA and purchase income annuities at competitive prices.
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iTDFs: ‘Self-Driving’ Retirement Cars

'We’ve added intelligent shock absorbers and an automatic transmission to existing TDFs,' writes the former chief actuary of Denmark about his new retirement product. They 'convey clients seamlessly from the accumulation stage to the income stage.'
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The high cost of unretired employees

If employers don't help their employees save adequately for retirement, workers are likely to postpone retirement, according to a new study from Prudential Financial. An older workforce could mean higher health care costs and lower productivity.
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Americans like ‘fiduciary,’ but can’t explain it

More than half of respondents (53%) to a recent Financial Engines survey mistakenly believe that all financial advisors are already legally required to put the best interests of their clients first.
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