Understanding the Black Investor

African Americans in general have fewer assets, less faith in Wall Street and less appetite for risk than whites, but their need for financial guidance is arguably that much greater.

The Bankers Who Control the World

Some goldbugs have accused the Bank of International Settlements of engineering the 2008 financial crisis to subvert the dollar. This account of a visit to BIS' Swiss headquarters, first published in Harper's in 1983, has been updated for RIJ by the author.

How To Market to Advisors

Here's a smarter way for retirement income product manufacturers to segment and sell into the advisor market, according to survey analysts Howard Schneider of GDC Research and Dennis Gallant of Practical Perspectives.

Plan Sponsor Group Joins Hueler SPIA Platform

The deal will allow the 1,200 members of the Profit-Sharing Council of America to give their six million plan participants access to a no-load, multi-issuer SPIA platform. (Photo of Kelli Hueler by David Lubarsky).

A Scholar’s Perspective

"It’s not as if African Americans were a different species. They are over-represented among lower income populations, but that’s where their distinctiveness stops,” said Wilhelmina A. Leigh, Ph.D., of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

An Advisor’s Perspective

Antoine Orr, president of Plancorr Wealth Management LLC in Greenbelt, Maryland, tells his clients to pay down debt and invest only what they can afford to lose. "African American wealth is more abundant than people think," he says.

One-third of HNW investors have itch to change advisors

Investors under age 45 are keeping more than 40% of their money in cash or cash equivalents, according to a new survey by Northstar Research Partners and Sullivan, a communications strategy and design firm.

New Symetra FIA tracks equities and/or commodities indices

The product offers point-to-point and monthly average interest crediting methods, and five account options: S&P 500 Point-to-Point, S&P 500 Monthly Average, S&P GSCI Point-to-Point, S&P GSCI Monthly Average and Fixed Account.