In Target-Date Space, It’s Vanguard, Et Alia

Vanguard’s domination of TDF flows in recent years has paralleled its domination of overall mutual funds flows. Competitors search for ways to be different, but not too different.

An Insider’s Take on the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ Strategy

Willis Re, a reinsurance broker, has had an uptick in calls from life insurers hoping to execute what RIJ calls 'The Bermuda Triangle' strategy, thus removing a millstone and reaping a capital windfall. Willis Re executive Mike Kaster explains.

One-Stop Shops for Notes and Annuities

Luma Financial Technologies is now among the structured notes platforms that have chosen to add index-linked annuities to the products they support. It joins SIMON Markets and Halo in that space. In this last segment of our series on indexed products, we examine these new alliances.

(Sheryl) Moore’s Law on Annuities in 2021

RIJ talks with Sheryl Moore of Wink, Inc., the annuity data and consulting firm, about the results of her first-quarter 2021 survey of annuity sales. She shares her opinion on a range of annuity-related topics.

The Fight over Symbols Prevents Real Reform

With health, immigration, trade, and tax policy, the need for real improvements takes a backseat to counterproductive fights over political symbolism, writes our guest columnist, an economist and former Treasury official now at the Urban Institute.

Today at the Retirement Industry Conference

The consensus here at the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute/SOA Retirement Industry Conference is that the fiduciary rule is here to stay. But industry executives hope that it will be tweaked to remove the right-to-private-action, which opens firms to class action lawsuits.

Center for Retirement Research gets political

The humble IRA is at the center of the two biggest retirement-related controversies in Washington, D.C. today: the fiduciary rule and the exemption from ERISA for state-sponsored auto-IRAs.

Honorable Mention

Brief or late-breaking items from Allianz, Great American Insurance Group and the Hueler Companies.