Who’s Doing What with QLACs Now

The 'Tax-Free Ninja' is Eric Estrada, a marketer at a Houston-based insurance wholesaler. He's one of the young, social-media savvy entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about the potential for selling Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs).

Envestnet’s Big Annuities Play

Envestnet, with the help of six major annuity issuers, has built a platform where advisors from broker-dealers, banks and RIAs can blend insurance products and investments in the same financial plan. It's a service life insurers can't live without. But will RIAs embrace annuities?

FIAs for Retirement Income (Why Not?)

In this last article in our series on fixed indexed annuities, we consider the potential role of FIAs in providing retirees with guaranteed lifetime income. We find FIAs to be valuable, but underused for that purpose.

The Derivatives that Power Index Annuities

FIA owners can pick from an array of choices as cryptic as those on a roulette table. But if they don't understand options, how can they evaluate these safe but esoteric insurance products?

America’s Risky Recovery

'My own best guess is that will start to raise rates in September, and that the federal funds rate will reach 3% by some point in 2017,' writes Martin Feldstein, the Harvard economist and former presidential adviser.

On the Road with RIJ: Penn’s Archaeology Museum

We're at the Wharton School's 2015 Pension Research Council symposium, an exclusive meeting of retirement academics and professionals held each year in Philadelphia. Also: A link to slides from ERISA lawyer Marcia Wagner's webinar on the DOL conflict-of-interest proposal yesterday.

Annuity CEOs receive disclosure demands from Sen. Warren

Breaking News: Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, has asked chief executives at 15 major annuity issuers to furnish her with details about the incentives they offer, if any, to insurance distributors, to encourage the sale of annuities.

Spring 2015 issue of The Journal of Retirement appears

This issue features articles relevant to retirement income mavens, including a piece on the way options can make a retirement more comfortable and one on the implications of offering deferred income annuities in defined contribution plans.