Yale, MIT and NYU Sued over Retirement Plan Fees

The universities' retirement plans were the latest to be sued by the law firm of Jerome Schlichter (pictured at his office in St. Louis) for violations of fiduciary duty. The suits charge that the schools should have bargained for lower fund expenses and administrative fees.

Trends RIJ Will Track in 2021

When will annuities be loved? After all the creative destruction of the past 10 years, what’s next for the annuity industry? Which trends will persist? Which products will flourish? We discuss the trends that Retirement Income Journal expects to cover in 2021 and beyond.

The Catch-22 of In-Plan Annuities

Fixed deferred annuities may be the most promising candidates for inclusion in 401(k) plans. But in order to adapt these contracts to the defined contribution space, they must lose some of the 'illiquidity' that helps make annuities valuable. Some innovative solutions are now on the market.

Bermuda Triangle Part IV: The Reinsurance Angle

Publicly-held life insurers are using reinsurance to improve their balance sheets. But at what cost? 'I believe that many of these blocks of business are only being funded in part with real assets,' a forensic accountant told RIJ.

Variable annuity fee income boosts Jackson’s performance

'Consistent with the rest of the industry, variable annuity sales have slowed due to market volatility and activity surrounding the U.S. Department of Labor fiduciary rule,' said Barry Stowe, Jackson's chairman and CEO.

TIAA buys Everbank

EverBank stockholders will receive $19.50 per share in cash, or an approximate total of $2.5 billion.

Scalable Capital, a German robo, enters UK market

In addition to the average ETF fee of 25 basis points, Scalable Capital charges an all-in annual fee of 75 basis points, for an approximate annual expense ratio of 100 basis points (one percent).

Bank of England’s rate cut draws criticism

'Trustees of pension schemes, whose deficits keep rising, are facing almost impossible investment dilemmas,' said Amlan Roy of the London School of Economics.