Which Are the Hottest VA Brands?

Who do advisors think of first when asked to name a variable annuity provider? The just-published 2010 Advisor Brandscape from Cogent Research reveals that and much more.

The Downside of Upping the Retirement Age

Social Security turns 75 on Saturday, and pressure to raise the claiming age for full benefits is rising. But that would hurt the least well-off most, said experts at the Retirement Research Consortium meeting in Washington last week.

The Gospel of Matthew Hutcheson

The 40-year-old leader of the “independent fiduciary movement” is passionate about making retirement plans more responsive to the needs of participants.

They’re Relatively Well-Off

The median annual income for people over age 65 in the United States is only $18,000, including public assistance and financial help from friends and family. The average—skewed upward by the highest incomes—is almost $29,000.

Transamerica Launches “Bridge” GLWB

The new Income Link rider pays out between 5% and 10% of the income base for a few years, then 4% for life. "It's designed for higher income in the near-term," says Dave Paulsen, Transamerica's national sales manager.

Why the Wealthy Should Buy SPIAs

A recent study by a doctoral candidate at the University of Virginia examines all of the reasons why people don't buy income annuities--and reveals two hidden reasons why they should.

Indexed Annuity Sales Rebound

"With CD rates at 1% and fixed annuities crediting a mere 3.65% on average, it is no wonder that this was the second-highest quarter in terms of indexed annuity sales,” said Sheryl J. Moore, president and CEO of AnnuitySpecs.com.

VA Sales Up Sharply in Q2: LIMRA

"VA sales jumped more than $3 billion in the second quarter,” said Joe Montminy, assistant vice president for LIMRA's annuity research.

Broadbridge Acquires NewRiver for $77 Million

The acquisition accelerates Broadridge’s e-strategy while strengthening its industry-leading compliance communication capabilities, the company said in a release.