Which Are the Hottest VA Brands?

Who do advisors think of first when asked to name a variable annuity provider? The just-published 2010 Advisor Brandscape from Cogent Research reveals that and much more.

Why Indexed Annuity Sales Are So Strong

Many factors are driving the increase in indexed annuity sales: More manufacturers, better products, more distributors, competitive commissions, aging boomers, and relaxed regulation. But does the bubble contain the seeds of its own deflation?

Lessons from a Living (DC) Experiment

Israel has found that even a mandatory defined contribution system can’t resolve all of the behavioral, economic, or administrative issues that prevent low-income and minority workers from saving for retirement. (Photo: Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem.)

What Advisors Want from Annuity Issuers

This week, RIJ received a press copy of “What Advisors Want from Annuity and Insurer Providers-2019,” a study by Practical Perspectives, a Boxford, MA-based financial services market research firm.

Transamerica Launches “Bridge” GLWB

The new Income Link rider pays out between 5% and 10% of the income base for a few years, then 4% for life. "It's designed for higher income in the near-term," says Dave Paulsen, Transamerica's national sales manager.

Why the Wealthy Should Buy SPIAs

A recent study by a doctoral candidate at the University of Virginia examines all of the reasons why people don't buy income annuities--and reveals two hidden reasons why they should.

Indexed Annuity Sales Rebound

"With CD rates at 1% and fixed annuities crediting a mere 3.65% on average, it is no wonder that this was the second-highest quarter in terms of indexed annuity sales,” said Sheryl J. Moore, president and CEO of AnnuitySpecs.com.

VA Sales Up Sharply in Q2: LIMRA

"VA sales jumped more than $3 billion in the second quarter,” said Joe Montminy, assistant vice president for LIMRA's annuity research.

Broadbridge Acquires NewRiver for $77 Million

The acquisition accelerates Broadridge’s e-strategy while strengthening its industry-leading compliance communication capabilities, the company said in a release.