AIG Tops Annuity Sales Chart Again

Eight years after collapsing under the weight of CDS losses and four years after emerging from federal ownership, AIG is again atop the annuity sales charts, with $9.78 billion sold in the first half of 2016. (Pictured: AIG CEO Peter Hancock).

Yale, MIT and NYU Sued over Retirement Plan Fees

The universities' retirement plans were the latest to be sued by the law firm of Jerome Schlichter (pictured at his office in St. Louis) for violations of fiduciary duty. The suits charge that the schools should have bargained for lower fund expenses and administrative fees.

Advisors: Give this ‘Tilt’ a Whirl

Last month, we reported on John Walton's "tilt" method of fine-tuning systematic withdrawals in retirement. New research by the Texas hydrologist-turned-retirement income specialist combines tilting and income annuities.

With ‘Fidelity Go,’ Fido Goes Robo

Although Schwab and Vanguard have a head start in this space, “I don’t think Fidelity has lost anything by waiting,” William Boland, an analyst with Aite Group, told RIJ.

Vanguard continues to dominate mutual fund flows: Morningstar

“Cost definitely plays an important part , but it’s not the only reason,” Morningstar’s Alina Lamy (pictured) told RIJ. “A lot of it has to do with quality and transparency, as well—building a reputation and living up to it.

Advisors in limbo regarding DOL rule

More than four in ten advisors (43%) said they may plan to expand services offered to more holistic planning and 26% may plan to focus on non-qualified accounts, according to a new Nationwide survey.

RIJ Takes a Two-Week Vacation

Retirement Income Journal will not appear on August 25 or September 1. The editorial staff is taking its annual vacation. We'll return with the September 8, 2016 issue. Thank you to all of our subscribers and advertisers for supporting our mission.