‘PEP’ Talk

In this sixth installment of our series on "pooled employer plans" or PEPs (also known as "open multiple employer plans" or MEPs), we asked 401(k) experts if this new type of workplace savings plan would in fact be cheaper to run than current plan options, and would therefore entice more small employers to begin offering plans to their employees. There was no simple or definitive answer.
Anecdotal Evidence

A Brave New Deregulated 401(k) World

'There are three factors that we think are converging and are likely to help move the needle” in terms of expanding plan adoption by small employers, said Ben Norquist, CEO of Convergent Retirement Plan Solutions, during a LIMRA webcast this week.

Ascensus acquires two TPA firms

Continental Benefits Group, Inc., and 401kPlus will be folded into Ascensus' TPA Solutions division, Ascensus announced this week.  

A Letter to RIJ from Moshe Milevsky

The York University finance professor, author and annuity consultant suggests that academics focus less on trying to solve the 'annuity puzzle' and more on 'normative advice.'

A new concept for defined contribution plans: The Retiree MEP

'Within an open multiple employer plan would exist a guidance platform--the Retiree MEP--where participants could receive objective information about retirement saving and distribution,' said Ted Goldman, Senior Pension Fellow at the American Academy of Actuaries.

Ireland establishes guidelines for master trusts

Ireland’s government is exploring several pensions and welfare reforms, including changes to the state pension, new protections for defined benefit plans and participants, and the introduction of automatic enrollment.

Prudential sells $923 million group annuity to Raytheon

The agreement transfers the responsibility for paying certain pension benefits to approximately 13,000 U.S. retirees, as well as their beneficiaries, from Raytheon’s previously discontinued operations.


July 26, 2018

Mind the Coverage Gap

'I am not aware of any predictions that a significant percentage of small employers who do not currently offer a plan will now adopt a PEP,' said Jack Towarnicky, executive director of the Plan...
July 19, 2018

Turning the 401(k) on Its Head

Executives at State Street Global Advisors, Transamerica, Securian, and Prudential discuss their strategies for developing multiple employer 401(k) plans for small companies and helping to close the 401(k) ‘coverage gap.’
July 12, 2018

Provider-Sponsored 401(k): Part III

This is the third installment of our series on the push for shifting plan sponsorship from employers to service providers and the "institutionalization" of retirement in the US. This week we look back at...