Research Roundup

Here are summaries of four research papers on topics ranging from the argument for a federal digital currency to the real causes of 'black swan' crises, and from the insurance-purchasing habits of the wealthy to the likely effect of Boomer decumulation on interest rates. Add fresh factoids to your cocktail-party banter supply.
Anecdotal Evidence

Not All Annuity Issuers Are Alike

When choosing an annuity from a life insurer, advisers and clients need to understand that life/annuity companies have different business models and ownership structures, and that these differences matter. That's especially true now that private equity firms are in the annuity business.

Honorable Mention

Button succeeds Morris as Pacific Life CEO; Net income up, total income down for life/annuity industry in 1H2021; Athene Holding acquires £3 billion UK mortgage loan originator.


August 19, 2021

Wade Pfau’s Income Expert Success Tools

Here's the "RISA" method for matching retirees with income-generation strategies, from Wade Pfau, Ph.D., of The American College and, and his colleague Alejandro Murguia, Ph.D. ("RISA" is Spanish for "smile.")
August 12, 2021

The Day the Gold Standard Died: 50 Years On

On August 16, 1971, I was cashing an American Express travelers check in a small bank in Melun, France. The tellers were nervous. Something huge had clearly just occurred in the macroeconomy.
August 5, 2021

Athene Takes Another Bite at Pensions Apple

In a pension risk transfer deal, Athene Holding will acquire about $4.9 bn in pension assets and liabilities from Lockheed Martin. But when do these deals become too much about investors and AUM and...