A Time to Laugh, or Cry

Just in time for the Insured Retirement Institute annual meeting in San Diego September 9-11, LIMRA and Morningstar have released their first-half variable annuity sales reports.

What Happened to the ‘Auto-IRA’?

Mark Iwry (pictured), an assistant Treasury Secretary, came into the current administration with hopes of making the "Automatic IRA," a workplace savings plan for people without a plan, a reality. But it became the subject of conspiracy theories and its prospects are now dim. Photo courtesy of the National Press Foundation.

The NEST Approach to Risk

“We know that there’s no free lunch and that you have to take a certain amount of risk. But we don’t want to do anything stupid,” said the head of investment policy at the National Employment Savings Trust, the U.K.’s new “public option” DC plan.

A New NEST for British Nest-Eggs

This is the first part of a two-part article on Britain’s ambitious national defined contribution fund for undersavers, a "public option" called the National Employment Savings Trust, or NEST.

Why Growth Matters More Than Debt

The author explains why the national debt shouldn't terrify us. This article first appeared last January in The American, the publication of the American Enterprise Institute.

Participants better off in TDFs: The Principal

TDFs are better because they offer wide diversification, automatic rebalancing, and age-appropriate asset allocations, says this TDF marketer. But should all young people have high equity allocations?

Young guns want to eat your lunch

Seattle-based FutureAdvisor just raised $5 million in new venture capital. The high-tech startup already ‘analyzes’ $4 billion in client assets and claims to offer guidance to 11 million 401(k) participants.

Letter to the Editor

Jeffrey Dellinger, actuary and president of Longevity Risk Management Corp. of Ft. Wayne, Ind., comments on a recent RIJ article.