On the Case: Jim Otar Answers Our Income Challenge

'I would not worry too much about complicated strategies,' Otar wrote after reviewing Andrew and Laura’s retirement finances. 'They probably don’t need guaranteed income (annuities), a bucket strategy or anything fancy to cover their shortfall.'

Dealing with the Contradictions of Financial Advice

'This is not a problem of Truth and Proof,' wrote Francois Gadenne of RIIA in an email and the inconsistencies of advice. “It is a problem of measurement (of outcomes) and fit (to a specific client type).

An Obama-era retirement savings initiative gets the ax

The program aimed to work in support of private industry, not against it. When MyRA account balances reached $15,000, Treasury bond assets would be liquidated and rolled into private-sector brokerage IRAs.

Advisors pivot from high-cost to low-cost active funds

'Fund manufacturers without a low-cost solution are, at best, being ignored and at worst, getting trampled,' said Jeff Tjornehoj, Broadridge's director of fiduciary and compliance research, in a release.

Honorable Mention

Brief or late-breaking items from AllianceBernstein, BrightScope, ARIA Retirement Solutions, Cerulli Associates, Betterment, and MetLife.


July 27, 2017

Curve, Triangle or Rectangle: What Kind of Advisor Are You?

At the Retirement Income Industry Association's 2017 Summer Conference, founder Francois Gadenne asserted that advisors can protect themselves from automation, regulation and commoditization by advising in three dimensions.
July 20, 2017

On the Case: An Income Plan from ReLIAS

To solve for one couple’s retirement income needs, Mark Warshawsky of ReLIAS LLC proposed SPIAs and 7.5% annual withdrawals from an all-equity portfolio. RIJ will publish solutions from other experts in the coming weeks....
July 13, 2017

A High-Tech Challenge for High-Touch Advisors

Wealth management firms know they need next-gen ‘fintech.’ But many of them don’t know exactly which digital tools to buy or where to apply them in their businesses, tech vendors say.