Advisors: Give this ‘Tilt’ a Whirl

Last month, we reported on John Walton's "tilt" method of fine-tuning systematic withdrawals in retirement. New research by the Texas hydrologist-turned-retirement income specialist combines tilting and income annuities.

With ‘Fidelity Go,’ Fido Goes Robo

Although Schwab and Vanguard have a head start in this space, “I don’t think Fidelity has lost anything by waiting,” William Boland, an analyst with Aite Group, told RIJ.

Off the Grid

As the DOL rule changes the role of the employee-advisor, the mode of compensating and incentivizing advisors may need to evolve. And that may spell changes in the almighty “grid.”

Great Hopes Ride on Great-West’s New Annuity

Great-West Financial's new Smart Track II variable annuity contract has four different income riders. Will it help Bob Reynolds achieve his goal of making Great-West a top-five retirement company in three to five years?

Inside the Flight from Active Management

Nine-tenths of new fund flows are going to passive strategies, helped by a desire for low costs, the DOL fiduciary rule, and robo-advice. There's still a ton of money in active management, but “we see massive change happening,” said Jeff Levi of Casey Quirk by Deloitte.

The Great Woodstock Festival in the Sky

Sure, there will be stresses to federal and state budgets as the Boomers—with their titanium hips, Van Morrison CDs and organic green tea supplements—push the envelope of human longevity. But that’s just demographics. It’s temporary.

Quote of the Week

“We see a very dramatic increase in the phenomenon of flat or falling incomes. The proportion of households that have been affected by this trend has virtually exploded, from less than 2% to as much as 65% to 70% of the population , in the past decade—from about 2005 to 2014.” — McKinsey senior partner Richard Dobbs and McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) partner Anu Madgavkar (from an August 2016 McKinsey & Co. podcast).