Athene Takes Another Bite at Pensions Apple

In a pension risk transfer deal, Athene Holding will acquire about $4.9 bn in pension assets and liabilities from Lockheed Martin. But when do these deals become too much about investors and AUM and too little about pensioners? (Photo: Athene Holding CEO Jim Belardi ringing NYSE opening bell in 2016.)
Anecdotal Evidence

Your Dream Cabin in the Rockies

What's involved in owning a rustic retirement cabin in Colorado? Time, wealth, health, gregariousness, and a passion for the natural world. And an ability to forego cellphones and Wi-Fi for long stretches.
Product update

Brighthouse enhances its registered index-linked annuities

Brighthouse has announced new 1-Year Shield Options, offering protection against the first 15% or 25% of market losses during the crediting term. In another enhancement, the maximum age for issuing the Return of Premium Death Benefit has been increased to 80 from 75.
People in motion

Rob Sharps to succeed Bill Stromberg as head of T. Rowe Price

Stromberg served 35 years at T. Rowe Price and became CEO on January 1, 2016. Sharps joined T. Rowe Price as an equity analyst in 1997. As of December 31, 2020, T. Rowe Price had $1,470.5 billion in assets under management.


July 29, 2021

Research Roundup

We bring you summaries of two papers on the federal debt (and why low interest rates don't justify more of it), an essay on why Biden's infrastructure spending plan shouldn't need budget offsets, a...
July 22, 2021

How The Elephant in the Room Evolved

In a new research paper, "The Evolution from Life Insurance to Financial Engineering," economists Ralph Koijen of Chicago Booth School and Motohiro Yogo of Princeton continue to describe what is arguably the 'elephant in...
July 1, 2021

An Insider’s Take on the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ Strategy

Willis Re, a reinsurance broker, has had an uptick in calls from life insurers hoping to execute what RIJ calls 'The Bermuda Triangle' strategy, thus removing a millstone and reaping a capital windfall. Willis...