Annuities Aim for Spot in ‘Starting Lineup’

Annuity issuers want—and need—their products to be included as a matter of course in the model portfolios or asset allocation software tools that more advisors are expected to rely on in the future.
Anecdotal Evidence

Of Black Walnut Trees and ‘the Debt’

'Now tell me again,' said my neighbor, who works as a public health administrator, 'why I shouldn’t worry about the size of the federal debt.' So I did.

Fast and Frumious

'Fast and Frumious' is a new feature in Retirement Income Journal. It contains short items that caught our eye or raised our eyebrows during the past week--ranging from the serious to the humorous.


August 1, 2019

Why Are Stocks So High?

Because corporations have been returning more of their profits over to shareholders and less to workers, especially over the past 30 years, according to authoritative recent research. The implication is that investors' gains have...
July 25, 2019

‘APIs’ and the Future of Annuities

Catching up with the 'application programming interface' technology train is essential for annuity issuers. APIs integrate annuities into advisor platforms, reduce NIGO applications, and give clients a fluid online experience.
July 18, 2019

T. Rowe Price Launches Retirement Payout Vehicle

'Retirement 2020’s managed payout program is not a 5% withdrawal annually; rather, it pays 5% of the rolling 60-month NAV,” a T. Rowe Price spokesperson told RIJ. 'The participant maintains the same number of...