The Science (Not Sci-Fi) of Social Security

The overlap of Social Security policy and behavioral finance was the subject of several papers aired at the Retirement Research Consortium’s 20th annual meeting last week. Economists are trying to figure out the best way to refresh Social Security finances before reserves run out in 2034.
Anecdotal Evidence

The Big Turnaround in Retirement Policy

Since November 2016, the direction of retirement policy in the U.S. has reversed. Legislators, not bureaucrats, are in the lead. The SEC, not DOL is in charge of ethics. Industry-led initiatives, not consumer initiatives, are gathering support. It's a dramatic shift.
The economy

The Economy Gathers Momentum

'The Fed should maintain the interest rate glide path it has described, which will boost the funds rate to the 3.2% mark by the end of next year and on to 3.4% by mid­-2020,' writes our guest columnist.
New product

New 5-year indexed annuity contract from Eagle Life

Eagle Select Focus 5 offers a new allocation option with the uncapped upside that investors seem to prefer: the 'S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Daily Risk Control 5% Excess Return with Participation Rate.'


August 2, 2018

‘PEP’ Talk

In this sixth installment of our series on "pooled employer plans" or PEPs (also known as "open multiple employer plans" or MEPs), we asked 401(k) experts if this new type of workplace savings plan...
July 26, 2018

Mind the Coverage Gap

'I am not aware of any predictions that a significant percentage of small employers who do not currently offer a plan will now adopt a PEP,' said Jack Towarnicky, executive director of the Plan...
July 19, 2018

Turning the 401(k) on Its Head

Executives at State Street Global Advisors, Transamerica, Securian, and Prudential discuss their strategies for developing multiple employer 401(k) plans for small companies and helping to close the 401(k) ‘coverage gap.’