How to Dodge the ‘Inflation Ninja’

'Inflation is like a ninja,' write the authors of a timely article in The Journal of Investing. These experts from the CFA Institute and Franklin Templeton review the major asset classes and consider how each might perform during a period of high inflation.
Anecdotal Evidence

Don’t Fight Inflation with Unemployment

If our current inflationary trend is caused by kinks in the global supply chain, does it make sense to raise interest rates, knock asset prices down, and put people out of work? The economist Abba Lerner wouldn't think so.

Denmark’s ‘Arnes’ can apply for early pensions

A new program, which acknowledges the physical toll of blue collar work, allows people to claim their state pensions up to three years earlier than the standard national pension age if they have worked for 42 to 44 years. 

FIAs maintain sales momentum in 3Q21: Wink

Fixed indexed annuity (FIA) sales were $17.3bn; up 4.0% from 2Q2021 and up 25.6% from 3Q2020. Allianz Life was the top seller, with a 13.3% market share. The Allianz Benefit Control Annuity was the top-selling FIA. (Photo: Wink CEO Sheryl Moore.)


November 25, 2021

Thanks-givings (Not Misgivings) about Social Security

This year I'm claiming the Social Security benefits that I've earned on my own work record. I'm old enough now to be truly thankful for Social Security, whose future is precisely as certain, as...
November 18, 2021

The Alt-Asset Teams that Reinvent Annuity Companies

'Insurance Solutions' groups use private assets to boost the returns of life/annuity company investment portfolios. RIJ talks with Todd Fonner of Investcorp Insurance Solutions about this trend.
November 11, 2021

One Life Insurer’s Pivot to Private Assets

American Equity Investment Life’s ‘AEL 2.0’ strategy is designed to help it thrive even in a low yield environment. Allocating up to 40% of its money to ‘private assets’ is key to the fixed...