Policy Forecast: Gloom with a Chance of Doom

At the Employee Benefit Research Institute's policy forum in D.C. last week, retirement policy experts were not cheerful about the coming inauguration, and some feared that retirement security will take a back seat to tax cuts in the new year.

Voya: From Orange to Origami

Almost four years after its IPO, Voya (formerly ING-US) has rebranded, retooled itself as a fixed indexed annuity shop and launched an ad campaign featuring origami rodents that talk. But it is still searching for the right mix of products, personnel and organizational structure.

What To Tell Nervous (Older) Clients Now

During market turmoil, the messages from “retirement income” advisors to their clients should be substantially different in their content from the messages that investment advisors typically send to their clients.

Which Annuity Is Better? This New Tool Tells You

Cannex, the Toronto-based annuity product data, just announced a new tool, based on research by annuity guru Moshe Milvesky, that enables advisors to do side-by-side comparisons of annuity contracts. The first phase allows comparisons of variable annuity living benefits.

Xmas Cheer: The Debt Is Not Our Biggest Problem

Why do so many pundits and politicians, including the future director of the Office of Management and Budget, beat the debt drum so loudly and so often? It’s one of the most effective, and most abused, wedge issues in American politics.

Financial institutions brace for DOL haircut

A recent survey of executives at banks and credit unions showed that the typical U.S. financial institution can expect a 17% fall in revenue from investment services because of the impact of the DOL rule.

RIJ will return on January 5

Retirement Income Journal wishes all of its readers and strategic partners a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year. We will publish next on January 5, 2017.