Removing ‘Lapse Risk’ from Variable Annuities

“Almost every major variable annuity writer has absorbed large write-downs on ‘policyholder behavior assumption updates,’” said a Munich Re executive. “So how do we take out that risk?”

Turn 401(k)s into Bond Ladders

Franklin Templeton SVP Drew Carrington says his firm's Defined Maturity Funds, which work like bond ladders, could provide retirement income for 401(k) participants, and could be paired with qualified longevity annuity contracts.

An Actuary Assesses COVID-19

A mortality and longevity expert at Willis Towers Watson writes that 'the variability of the mortality impact by age makes the impact highly variable by type of insurer.'

At These Rates, Why Bother to Save?

Negative real interest rates have become a disincentive to personal savings, especially among lower-income Americans who will rely heavily on Social Security and Medicaid anyway, this team of economists from Stanford suggests.

Vanguard captures 82.5% of 2015 fund flows through October

Investors returned to high-yield bonds in November after preferring government bonds for several months. “Investors might be trying to anticipate the potential December interest-rate raise,” wrote Morningstar analyst Alina Lamy.

Fidelity and Betterment: From Collaborators to Competitors

Fidelity Investments is testing 'Fidelity Go,' a robo-advice portal aimed at Millennials, and building a digital interface between its affiliated advisors and its clearing service to replace the interface that Betterment Institutional provided until recently.

Third-quarter FIA sales up 13%

Total third quarter sales of indexed annuities were $13.8 billion, up 13% from the previous quarter, and up nearly 21% from the same period last year.

EY releases ‘ US life-annuity insurance outlook’

"After years of bolstering their balance sheets, life-annuity firms are in a strong position to invest in the innovations and technologies needed to fuel growth," said Doug French, principal, Financial Services and Insurance and Actuarial Services at Ernst & Young LLP.