Why Prudential Sells the Most VAs

Constant proportion portfolio insurance, or CPPI, has helped Prudential attract crowds to its Highest Daily VA. Now other insurers are wondering if they should employ CPPI.

AllianceBernstein’s Multi-Insurer In-Plan Annuity

To make sure that the glide paths of plan participants' TDFs lead to a 'safe landing,' asset manager AllianceBernstein has enlisted three insurers--AXA Equitable, Lincoln and Nationwide--to equip them with stand-alone living benefits.

An Entrepreneur Tackles Decumulation, with TIPS

Manish Malhotra’s FIAP platform, set to launch next year, will enable advisors to build retirement income streams out of laddered TIPS, immediate annuities, and withdrawals from balanced portfolios.

The $1.1 Trillion Tax Hike

The "Zero Plan" proposed by the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform last week calls for the end of $1.1 trillion in tax breaks. The co-chairs would save Social Security through a combination of reduced benefits and higher taxes.

Details of the tax compromise revealed

The package would cost about $900 billion over the next two years, to be financed entirely by adding to the national debt, according to The New York Times.

Treasury to sell last of its stake in Citigroup

A person briefed on the transaction said it would be priced at $4.35 a share, a 2% percent discount. At that price, taxpayers could profit by $12 billion on the Treasury’s investment in Citigroup.

UK pensioners brace for new retirement drawdown rules

Retirees will probably be allowed to spend their savings at the rate they wish as long as they have at least enough guaranteed income to keep themselves from needing public support in retirement.

The Bucket

Late-breaking items about Sun Life, Genworth, J.P. Morgan, MetLife, the SPARK Institute, Fred Reish and Bosnia-Herzogovina.

The Tax Deal Feels Wrong

Over the weekend, retirees may have lost the first battle of the generational war.