What To Tell Nervous (Older) Clients Now

During market turmoil, the messages from “retirement income” advisors to their clients should be substantially different in their content from the messages that investment advisors typically send to their clients.

Which Annuity Is Better? This New Tool Tells You

Cannex, the Toronto-based annuity product data, just announced a new tool, based on research by annuity guru Moshe Milvesky, that enables advisors to do side-by-side comparisons of annuity contracts. The first phase allows comparisons of variable annuity living benefits.

Trump and the Trajectory of Interest Rates

'There could be pressure for rates to go higher as investors digest the deficit spending pushed by Mr. Trump,' said Andrew McCormick, head of T. Rowe Price’s U.S. taxable bond team.

The View from the (DOL) Trenches

'“Many of the broker-dealers are still searching for a light switch in a dark room,” said James Lumberg of Envestnet, who, with Jeff Schwantz of Morningstar and Arjun Saxena of PwC, explained to asset managers in Boston how the DOL rule is impacting their distributors.

On New Lincoln VA, the Income Benefit Is Mandatory

Available in 2017, the new product is called Lincoln Core Income. Its three underlying investments are all BlackRock iShares. The income benefit comes as part of the product, not as an option. (A link to the prospectus is provided.)

VA Sales are Down, But AUM Is Up: Morningstar

'Eight of the top-ten issuers saw their sales decline in the third quarter compared to the first quarter, where all 10 had negative sales growth,' writes Morningstar's annuity product manager in his quarterly VA Sales and Asset Survey.

Asset managers face five headwinds: Casey Quirk

Except in the Chinese market, the rate of organic growth in global assets will likely fall below one percent in the near future, according to a new report from the unit of Deloitte Consulting.