Research Roundup

These five research papers explain why many institutional investors still work with 'high-touch' brokers, why the economy may slow as populations shrink, why parents might save more than they need to, why middle-aged rural whites are unhappy, and why 401(k) balances aren't higher for older workers.
Anecdotal Evidence

Roth 401(k)s: Appealing but Impractical

Tax-deferred retirement accounts help the financial industry but cost taxpayers an added $20.7 billion a year, according to two economists. Would an all-Roth world be more socially beneficial?

T. Rowe Price adds growth to its TDFs

The third-largest issuer of target date funds, which reportedly lost TDF market share from 2017 to 2019, said it will raise the equity allocation of the funds' glide paths at the beginning of the lifecycle.
Guest Column

Why Does a Great Economy Need Financial Aid?

'Artificial interventions have allowed the stock market to remain detached from underlying profitability. This guarantees poor future outcomes for investors,' writes our guest columnist, a strategist for RIA Advisors in Katy, Texas.

Divorces over 50 roil estate planning

'Not communicating the estate plan with family members' is the most common cause of conflict (43%), followed by 'dealing with blended families' (29%), according to a TD Wealth survey.


February 6, 2020

A New Kind of Old Folks’ Home

For retirees who want a bundled (but not too restrictive) solution to their future housing and medical needs, a Type-C Continuing Care Retirement Community is an option. RIJ looked into the costs.
January 30, 2020

Tetris, Taxes and Retirement

The tradition of withdrawing taxable, tax-deferred and finally tax-free assets in retirement may be obsolete. Matching retirees' tax brackets with the right account types may be better. It's like filling the rows in Tetris...
January 23, 2020

RIJ Interview: Will Fuller of Lincoln Financial

In the third in our series of interviews with annuity industry leaders, we talk with Lincoln Financial Group executive VP Will Fuller. He was recently honored as an 'Industry Champion of Retirement Security' by...