Más o Menos: Ticos Cheerfully Eke By

With 4.8 million people, Costa Rica’s problems are comparable to those of a big U.S. city, like Los Angeles or Chicago. Yet the tensions of a large U.S. city seem absent here, as the famously warm and friendly 'Ticos' go about their business. (Photo: Traffic in San Jose)

Dream-House Shopping in Costa Rica

The house was for sale. Its mystical vibe seduced them into paying $150,000 in cash. Monkeys, sloths, macaws, butterflies and gekkos would be their neighbors as the couple aged. 'It was definitely impulsive,' the musician told RIJ.

Skin in the (Costa Rican Retirement) Game

How do Costa Ricans pay for retirement? In San Jose, Alvaro Ramos Chaves (above), the pensions regulator, told RIJ how his nation’s mandatory DB and DC plans work. His insights could inform our own debates.

RetirePreneur: Dream Forward

The next wave of automation in retirement plans will be chatbots--intelligent virtual assistants that both teach and learn from participants. Dream Forward, a startup led by Grant Easterbrook, is seizing the opportunity.

Fed No Longer Controls Rates

'We believe the probability of the Fed raising rates three times in 2017 is less than what the market has begun to price in post the Donald Trump election,' writes the William Blair Funds portfolio manager.

President Trump and the DOL Fiduciary Rule

If the DOL rule is removed or neutered, then financial services firms may have more autonomy in choosing how to use the savings that digital automation brings: To raise shareholder profits or lower customer fees. It will depend on their particular business models.

President Trump to require ‘two-for-one’ regulations

'To the extent allowed by law, any new incremental costs associated with new regulations must be offset by the elimination of existing costs associated with at least two prior regulations,' says one of President Trump's new executive orders.

Honorable Mention

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