Low Hanging Life Insurers

Patient investors in search of stock-market bargains might consider the shares of U.S. life insurance companies.

Why Indexed Annuity Sales Are So Strong

Many factors are driving the increase in indexed annuity sales: More manufacturers, better products, more distributors, competitive commissions, aging boomers, and relaxed regulation. But does the bubble contain the seeds of its own deflation?

Lessons from a Living (DC) Experiment

Israel has found that even a mandatory defined contribution system can’t resolve all of the behavioral, economic, or administrative issues that prevent low-income and minority workers from saving for retirement. (Photo: Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem.)

What Advisors Want from Annuity Issuers

This week, RIJ received a press copy of “What Advisors Want from Annuity and Insurer Providers-2019,” a study by Practical Perspectives, a Boxford, MA-based financial services market research firm.

Patently Controversial

Lincoln National Life has received a new patent on its GLWB process, raising concerns that it might once again seek royalties from other VA issuers.

Summary of proposals in Obama budget

Here are proposals in the new Obama budget that are likely to affect members of the financial, insurance or retirement planning industries.

The Bucket

Brief or late-breaking items from DST, The Hartford, LPL Financial, RIIA, MassMutual, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Lincoln Financial Distributors, and Mutual of Omaha.

‘Field Research’ in Behavioral Finance

Real scientists scoff at the value of "anecdotal evidence." But you can learn a lot about the psychology of money at a garage sale, or when you're buying clothes.