Boola-Boola, Retirement Moolah

Yale's $7 billion 403(b) plan offers TIAA's RetirePlus Pro target-date solution to its 27,000 active and retired participants. The portfolios use Vanguard and TIAA CREF funds, and a liquid version of the TIAA Traditional annuity, which can be annuitized.
Anecdotal Evidence

Groundhog Day (Again) in D.C.

Last Tuesday was Groundhog Day. The event reminded me of the Bill Murray movie, which reminded me of Washington, D.C., where our legislators seem happy to take the same positions in the same policy disputes over and over and over.

Will Biden tinker with tax deferral?

'Biden will equalize benefits across the income scale, so working families also receive substantial tax benefits' when they save, a former official told the Financial Services Institute.
New product

Nationwide, Annexus partner on in-plan annuity

Nationwide announced last October that it would release a series of five new products for the 401(k) market. Today it announced Lifetime Income Builder, a fixed indexed annuity with a lifetime income rider.


January 28, 2021

How to Solve the World’s Retirement Crisis

Retrofitting 401(k) plans with lifetime income options is one of the thorniest challenges of our time. We describe three possible solutions to that puzzle, from Nobelist Robert Merton and others, that were featured recently...
January 22, 2021

NY Life, Schwab Flex Their Annuity Muscles

New York Life's new IndexFlex VA has a fixed indexed sleeve--the insurer's first index-linked offering. Charles Schwab's Genesis VA (issued by Protective Life) has lots of income optionality. The two contracts enter a struggling...
January 14, 2021

Modeling Variable Annuity Owner Behavior

Americans own almost $900 billion worth of variable annuities with lifetime income guarantees. Uncertainty over the way policyholders and their advisers might use the contracts can keep life insurer actuaries up at night. They...