Annuities, RIAs and ‘Cargo Cult’ Thinking

Brighthouse Financial's Shield structured annuity joins products from Allianz Life, Jackson National and Global Atlantic on the Envestnet Insurance Exchange, where annuity issuers hope to engage registered investment advisors. An interview with Envestnet president Bill Crager is included. (Photo: A cargo-cult space ship.)

Jack Bogle’s Spirit Lives On

'Costs matter,' he was famous for saying. I think people, and a quaint desire to help make the world a more honest and prosperous place, mattered to him more.

New York proposes public-option IRA by 2021

Fewer than half of working New Yorkers have access to a retirement savings plan at work and 40% of New Yorkers ages 50 to 64 have saved less than $10,000 for retirement, New York mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Honorable Mention

iPipeline processes 240,000 annuity transactions in 2018; Duke University settles 'excessive fee' lawsuit; Oceanwide-Genworth merger moves ahead.


January 10, 2018

Two Client-Centric Income Strategies

We compare two easy-as-pie annuity strategies: Income starting at age 80 versus guaranteed income for the first 10 years of retirement. One hedges longevity risk, the other hedges sequence risk, and neither ties up...
January 3, 2019

Money Myths, Legal Realities

At a conference at Harvard Law School called "Money as a Democratic Medium," law professors debated the origins, purposes, and rightful ownership of money in the modern era. (Photo: Bil Lewis portraying President James...
December 20, 2018

BlackRock, Microsoft & Retirement: What’s Up?

BlackRock and Microsoft's cryptic announcement of a new partnership on a platform for plan participants has puzzled industry executives, who shared their views 'on background' with RIJ. (Pictured: A rendering of the future neighborhood...