Skin in the (Costa Rican Retirement) Game

How do Costa Ricans pay for retirement? In San Jose, Alvaro Ramos Chaves (above), the pensions regulator, told RIJ how his nation’s mandatory DB and DC plans work. His insights could inform our own debates.

The New Table Stakes: ‘Unified Managed Income’

To get attention today, income calculation software has to do a lot. Like tell wealth managers and recordkeepers when, in what quantity, and from what sources they should send checks to retirees. Manish Malhotra of Income Discovery explains. (Right: a white-label phone image from Income Discovery's suite.)

Retirement Parachutes, in Different Colors

'Constance' from RetireOne and Midland National lets advisers hang an income-for-life rider on a non-annuity portfolio. Five 401(k) plan sponsors are adopting 'LifePath Paycheck' from BlackRock, Brighthouse and Equitable. It helps participants roll part of their plan savings to a fixed income annuity.

Research Roundup

This month we bring you scholarly articles on the Social Security 'tax torpedo,' the likelihood of needing long-term care, the best decumulation strategies from DC plans, the people most likely to 'freak out' when the markets crash, and what advisers must do to avoid trouble when recommending rollovers.

Who Will Sell Transamerica’s New No-Commission VA?

“The sales outlook for 2017 is too soon to tell, given . We are confident that there is a market need for this structure in planning for retirement income,” Transamerica SVP Joe Boan told RIJ.

Anecdotal Evidence: The 10% Solution

The smartest companies contribute 10% of pay to each employee's retirement account--not as a bonus but as a carve-out of compensation. This policy is the most effective way to help workers save enough for retirement.