More Than a Nice Interface?

Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment, the biggest of the 'robo-advisors,' talked with RIJ recently at Betterment headquarters--three converted lofts in an historic building just west of the Flatiron Building in New York City.

Tontine Savings Accounts

'While mimicking the high payouts of an actuarially fair variable life annuity, TSAs would cost significantly less than commercial life annuities,' write Forman and Fullmer.

Better than Throwing Darts

'We have all these insurance agents selling billions of dollars of fixed indexed annuities. But they have few clues about how the crediting rates have performed,'' says Kent Jacquay. With his Indexalyzer software, he proposes a solution.

A New Kind of Income Annuity

Achaean Financial and Ash Brokerage, a large Fort Wayne, Ind., BGA, are partnering on a potential retirement game-changer: Achaean's immediate indexed income annuity, couched in Ash's JourneyGuide planning software. The underwriter has yet to be named.

Advisors Provide Icing, But Retirees Need Cake

'I thought that, if given the right software, the retirement industry would use it to address the non-investment needs of the mass market. I was wrong,' writes our guest columnist, the president of RetirementWorks, Inc., of Harvard, Mass.

Christie nixes state-run IRA in favor of private marketplace

The marketplace will offer three options: a SIMPLE IRA, a payroll deduction IRA and a MyRA. Firms participating in the marketplace will have to offer at least two investment options, including a target date fund, or similar fund, and a balanced fund.