Betterment Wants to Build a Better 401(k)

Betterment, the largest independent retail robo-advisor, said Wednesday that it has entered the small company segment of the 401(k) market. But will its model confine it to the shallow end of the pool?

More Than a Nice Interface?

Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment, the biggest of the 'robo-advisors,' talked with RIJ recently at Betterment headquarters--three converted lofts in an historic building just west of the Flatiron Building in New York City.

Video: Income ‘Roundtable’ at The American College

Retirement income sources, including annuities, reverse mortgages, Social Security and LTCI, were topics of this two-hour seminar from the Retirement Income Certified Professional program at The American College. (Above: Curtis Cloke, Richard Weber and David Littell.)

Tales from the Annuity Frontier

Three pioneers in the creative use of annuities in retirement portfolios--Wade Pfau, Joe Tomlinson, and Steve Vernon--have created an "efficient frontier" for deferred income annuities in two reports published in November by the Society of Actuaries.

Retirement Crisis? Not for Educated Couples

A new study shows that about 29% of single women with less than a high school education and 90.2% of married women with at least a college degree education are prepared for retirement in the U.S.

The Global Economy’s Marshmallow Test

'The world’s financial intermediaries are not properly steering long-term saving into long-term investments,' writes Sachs, author of 'The End of Poverty' and professor of Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

Better times ahead for U.S. active equity funds: Cerulli

The prospect of a rising dollar should make U.S. equities attractive to Europeans, and investors will expect active strategies to perform better than passive funds in volatile markets, Cerulli analysts said in a release.