Tetris, Taxes and Retirement

The tradition of withdrawing taxable, tax-deferred and finally tax-free assets in retirement may be obsolete. Matching retirees' tax brackets with the right account types may be better. It's like filling the rows in Tetris with blocks of different shapes.
Brand building

You’ll love New York Life’s Super Bowl Ad

In the 60-second spot, there’s a montage of people expressing philia (friendship), storge (familial love), eros (sexual love), and finally agape (charity, in the highest sense, or divine love).

Honorable Mention

Alight Financial Advisors hires Edelman Financial Engines; Fidelity offers ‘real-time fractional shares trading’; MetLife assumes $1.9 billion in Lockheed Martin pension liabilities; MassMutual and Millenium Trust introduce 401(k) ‘sidecars’;

Industry-led ‘Retirement Income Institute’ to Launch

The Retirement Income Institute, which will fund new research and and white papers on 'protective lifetime income,' is the latest annuity education project from the financial industry-led Alliance for Lifetime Income.
Mortality tables

Ruark releases new mortality tables for VAs and FIAs

The Ruark tables reflect not only the effects of age and gender, but also differences by product type and contract duration, said Tim Paris, actuary and Ruark CEO (pictured).


January 23, 2020

RIJ Interview: Will Fuller of Lincoln Financial

In the third in our series of interviews with annuity industry leaders, we talk with Lincoln Financial Group executive VP Will Fuller. He was recently honored as an 'Industry Champion of Retirement Security' by...
January 16, 2020

Extreme Longevity? He Lives It

Nearing age 100, social scientist Jacob S. Siegel is still vigorously lecturing and writing. He spoke about the 'demography of retirement' at the triennial 'Living to 100 Symposium' in Orlando, Florida, this week.
January 9, 2020

A Look Back at (and Beyond) the ‘Stretch’ IRA

Under the new SECURE Act, most non-spouses must withdraw and pay taxes on inherited IRA assets within ten years instead of "stretching" the process over (possibly) decades. What will that mean for annuities, and...