Big Blue Longevity Dots

For Prudential Financial’s 30-second Super Bowl ad, its agency built a scoreboard-sized wall in a park in Austin, Texas and recruited hundreds of random Texans to post pie-sized blue stickers on it.

How to Choose an Annuity Issuer

Shopping for an annuity, like shopping for a car, involves questions about the manufacturer of the product. Do their products perform as expected? Will service quality be high? Are they likely to stay in business? We show you where to look for answers.

Time to Put Benjamins Back in the Sock Drawer?

At the LIMRA annual conference in Boston earlier this week, MIT economist James Poterba described how low interest rates make saving for retirement more of a challenge.

Pitching Income Annuities on Greed

Speakers Wade Pfau and Curtis Cloke showed planners at the Financial Planning Association's 2019 conference in Minneapolis that income annuities can provide growth as well as protection.

Allianz Life Launches New Bonus-Laden FIA

Allianz 222 Annuity is the third fixed indexed annuity offered through the Allianz Preferred platform, joining the previously issued 360 and 365i contracts.

Columbia creates blog to monitor securities law enforcement

The brainchild of law professor John C. Coffee Jr., the director of the law school’s Center on Corporate Governance, the blog will be a forum for debate over the effectiveness of SEC enforcement in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

IRI announces enhanced members-only website

Known until 2008 at the National Association of Variable Annuities, the IRI has more than 500 members, including insurers, broker-dealers and distributors, asset managers, solution providers, and financial advisors.