The Sacrificial Payroll Tax

Idle talk about suspending the payroll tax is making 'blue' Senators blue. We get answers from Social Security expert Eugene Steuerle of the Urban Institute.

An Income-Generating ‘Collar’

Using a 'protective net-credit collar,' the Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETF has distributed monthly income at an annual rate of 7.88% in 2020, while appreciating 10%. Is there a catch?

Life Insurers’ Bermuda Triangle, Part II

The humble fixed indexed annuity is at the center of the restructuring hurricane that has swept through the life insurance industry in recent years. We bring you the second article in a series on the topic.

Four Drawdown Methods Compared

In his new book on the decline of defined benefit pensions, George "Sandy" Mackenzie also compares four non-insured retirement income strategies and chooses the best of a flawed lot.

Swiss Re completes first longevity trend bond

The bond, which is based on population data, would trigger in the event of a large divergence in the mortality improvements experienced between men aged between 75 and 85 in England & Wales and men aged 55-65 in the US.