A ‘Turbit’ Drawdown Strategy

In a recent paper, two Vanguard CFPs detail the merits of a hybrid between the ‘turtle’ and the ‘rabbit’ approaches to decumulation.

RIJ’s Top Ten List for 2010

Letterman, look out. Retirement Income Journal offers its own list of the year's highlights in the retirement income industry (or in one person's small corner of it).

Four Drawdown Methods Compared

In his new book on the decline of defined benefit pensions, George "Sandy" Mackenzie also compares four non-insured retirement income strategies and chooses the best of a flawed lot.

Swiss Re completes first longevity trend bond

The bond, which is based on population data, would trigger in the event of a large divergence in the mortality improvements experienced between men aged between 75 and 85 in England & Wales and men aged 55-65 in the US.