Tales from the Annuity Frontier

Three pioneers in the creative use of annuities in retirement portfolios--Wade Pfau, Joe Tomlinson, and Steve Vernon--have created an "efficient frontier" for deferred income annuities in two reports published in November by the Society of Actuaries.

Wells Fargo’s New Annuity Wagon

Wells Fargo Asset Management's new target-date series of CITs comes with a built-in, optional retirement income strategy: systematic withdrawals plus an annuity starting at age 85.

Opportunity Knocks on the 2016 Door

Ron Surz, the target date fund authority, is back with his annual market retrospective and forecast. He apologizes for missing the mark last year (he predicted a 19% drop in 2015), but believes that equity markets won't escape the bear this year.

Global Economy ‘Frustratingly Fragile’

'There is a high likelihood of an extended pause in interest rates at, say, 1%, that opens the door for balance-sheet normalization and leaves the inflation-adjusted federal funds rate negative through 2017,' say Vanguard economists in a new Global Outlook.