A Look Back at (and Beyond) the ‘Stretch’ IRA

Under the new SECURE Act, most non-spouses must withdraw and pay taxes on inherited IRA assets within ten years instead of "stretching" the process over (possibly) decades. What will that mean for annuities, and how might advisers respond?
Anecdotal Evidence

Seeking ‘Ambidextrous Advisers’

In the future, we intend to strengthen our content for financial advisers while still serving our long-standing audience of annuity professionals. We think all of our readers will benefit from that.

Honorable Mention

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December 19, 2019

The SECURE Act Set To Pass (Finally)

'This is an early Christmas present,' said Melissa Kahn, managing director of the Defined Contribution team at State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), in an interview yesterday.
December 12, 2019

A Few of Our Best Income Strategies

For today’s issue of RIJ, we’ve retrieved several of our best income-planning articles from our archives. In each case, the adviser goes beyond the “safe withdrawal” method to design a customized, outcome-driven solution for...
December 5, 2019

‘SIMON’ Makes Indexed Annuities Simpler

Originally a platform for distributing structured notes to broker-dealers, SIMON is adding index-linked annuities to its product suite. Prudential is both an investor and, as of today, a product provider.