T. Rowe Price Launches Retirement Payout Vehicle

'Retirement 2020’s managed payout program is not a 5% withdrawal annually; rather, it pays 5% of the rolling 60-month NAV,” a T. Rowe Price spokesperson told RIJ. 'The participant maintains the same number of shares as distributions are paid.'
Anecdotal Evidence

The Pfau Phenomenon

In a decade's worth of presentations, books and research papers, Pfau has arguably pierced the resistance of independent advisers to the floor-and-upside retirement income method (and to annuities) to a degree that others have not.

No Need for Lower Rates, but Rate Cuts Likely Anyway

'The Fed’s story is confusing to us. Not only do we think lower rates are unnecessary, they are unlikely to help the Fed achieve its goals. Instead, Trump should focus on trade agreements around the world,' writes our guest columnist.

Honorable Mention

Fidelity, in pursuit of Vanguard, bolsters its index fund line-up; Subscription-based advice resonates with investors: Schwab; 'Wealth' costs more than $1 million these days: Ameriprise; Global Atlantic to educate advisors on income planning.


July 11, 2019

Envestnet’s Big Annuities Play

Envestnet, with the help of six major annuity issuers, has built a platform where advisors from broker-dealers, banks and RIAs can blend insurance products and investments in the same financial plan. It's a service...
June 27, 2019

FIAs for Retirement Income (Why Not?)

In this last article in our series on fixed indexed annuities, we consider the potential role of FIAs in providing retirees with guaranteed lifetime income. We find FIAs to be valuable, but underused for...
June 20, 2019

The Derivatives that Power Index Annuities

FIA owners can pick from an array of choices as cryptic as those on a roulette table. But if they don't understand options, how can they evaluate these safe but esoteric insurance products?