‘APIs’ and the Future of Annuities

Catching up with the 'application programming interface' technology train is essential for annuity issuers. APIs integrate annuities into advisor platforms, reduce NIGO applications, and give clients a fluid online experience.

House MEP bill could fuel pension risk transfer deals

According to a CBO estimate, HR397 calls for loans and grants to insolvent or troubled multiemployer pensions totaling almost $49 billion between 2019 and 2024 and almost $68 billion over the subsequent decade.
Interest Rates

Is Politics Getting to the Fed?

'It is no secret that Trump regards the stock market’s performance as an indicator of his own performance. But it has been surprising to see the Fed join the rate-cutting bandwagon,' writes the Harvard economics professor.

Envestnet updates ‘financial wellness’ app

The updated service involves a set of educational modules called MyBlocks, which plug into MoneyGuidePro. Advisors could employ it as the 'robo' part of a hybrid digital/human advisory model.

Honorable Mention

DPL Financial Partners, Lighthouse Life offer life settlements to RIAs; Jackson enhances variable annuity benefits, adds Fidelity as money manager; ACLI rebuts Wall Street Journal editorial on SECURE Act; Scott Boyd joins Principal Financial; Presidential candidate Buttigieg proposes raising FICA limit to $250,000 to support Social Security funding.


July 18, 2019

T. Rowe Price Launches Retirement Payout Vehicle

'Retirement 2020’s managed payout program is not a 5% withdrawal annually; rather, it pays 5% of the rolling 60-month NAV,” a T. Rowe Price spokesperson told RIJ. 'The participant maintains the same number of...
July 11, 2019

Envestnet’s Big Annuities Play

Envestnet, with the help of six major annuity issuers, has built a platform where advisors from broker-dealers, banks and RIAs can blend insurance products and investments in the same financial plan. It's a service...
June 27, 2019

FIAs for Retirement Income (Why Not?)

In this last article in our series on fixed indexed annuities, we consider the potential role of FIAs in providing retirees with guaranteed lifetime income. We find FIAs to be valuable, but underused for...