Mind the Coverage Gap

'I am not aware of any predictions that a significant percentage of small employers who do not currently offer a plan will now adopt a PEP,' said Jack Towarnicky, executive director of the Plan Sponsor Council of America, when asked if multiple employer plans will close the 401(k) 'coverage gap.'
Anecdotal Evidence

Sneak Preview of New Book on Behavioral Finance

In a chapter of a forthcoming book, four Ivy League academics discuss the possible reasons why so few people buy life annuities. I add a few theories of my own.

Should We Worry About Higher Oil Prices?

'Faster global growth contributed to the earlier increase in oil prices. Slower growth triggered by reduced trade flows will do the opposite,' writes our guest columnist.
New product review

‘Freedom’ is the key to Sammons’ new variable annuity

'The unique feature is the Freedom Date,' said Bill Lowe, CEO of Sammons Retirement Solutions. 'If you buy this at age 60, at age 80 you have 100% access to the accumulation value without negatively affecting the lifetime payment account.'


July 19, 2018

Turning the 401(k) on Its Head

Executives at State Street Global Advisors, Transamerica, Securian, and Prudential discuss their strategies for developing multiple employer 401(k) plans for small companies and helping to close the 401(k) ‘coverage gap.’
July 12, 2018

Provider-Sponsored 401(k): Part III

This is the third installment of our series on the push for shifting plan sponsorship from employers to service providers and the "institutionalization" of retirement in the US. This week we look back at...
July 5, 2018

Fuzzy Words in a Retirement Bill

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act of 2018 has bipartisan support and a greater-than-average chance of passing. Many believe that it could lead to provider-sponsored 401(k) plans. But bill doesn't exactly say that. What...