‘Financial Services for the Greater Good’

Andrew Carnegie, founder of the non-profit Teacher's Insurance & Annuity Association, now TIAA-CREF, could not possibly have foreseen how his group annuity would lead to today's profitable trillion-dollar variable annuity industry.

Dark Horse Candidate

How did upstart Jackson National Life get near the top of the VA heap? And why are so many advisors nervous that it may 'de-risk' its popular Perspective contract? JNL EVP Clifford Jack tells RIJ all that he can...

The Stag Brings Back GLWBs

In an about-face on VAs, The Hartford has gone back to the GLWB, tempering its risks with a CPPI fund. The arrival of Steve Kluever from Jackson National in March reflects the new thinking.

VAs: In Search of a Winning Formula

VA issuers should take a cue from Michael Jordan, and realize that team players win more championships than individual stars, advises Bing Waldert of Cerulli Associates.

A Pair of VA Contenders

Big deferral bonuses and safer investment options characterize the income riders of Nationwide and Sun Life, both of which aim to be among the leading sellers of VAs.

A New Arm for a New VA Arms Race

AllianceBernstein's DAA fund, which aims for 60/40 performance without the tails, has been adopted as a risk-reduced investment option in AXA, MetLife, Ohio National, Sun Life, and Transamerica variable annuities. AB's Mark Hamilton explains.

Italy: The good, the bad, and the pension policy

Many Americans yearn to vacation in romantic Italy, But, as this essay from IPE.com explains, Italians yearn for a less stagnant economy, cleaner politics, more jobs and a pension that replaces 60% of final salary.

The Bucket

Brief and late-breaking items from Putnam, Symetra, Pacific Life, Allianz Life, Russell Investments, the Phoenix Companies, The Hartford, and Prudential.