Great Hopes Ride on Great-West’s New Annuity

Great-West Financial's new Smart Track II variable annuity contract has four different income riders. Will it help Bob Reynolds achieve his goal of making Great-West a top-five retirement company in three to five years?

Surrender to Lapse Risk? Not These Insurers

Over-estimates of variable annuity lapse rates have cost life insurers billions. A group of VA issuers is now working with actuaries at Ruark Consulting to predict those rates more accurately.

Robos Take Manhattan

In New York last week for InVest, a fin-tech conference, I learned that advisors of the future won't be robots. They will be less sexy: Phone reps who help Millennials "navigate the site and provide some advice along the way."

The Cinderella Annuity

Has the time finally arrived for the variable income annuity? At TIAA, where the VIA was invented, they say it never left. New research from the TIAA Institute compares the VIA with a variable annuity with a lifetime withdrawal benefit.

A Hydrologist’s View of Cash Flows in Retirement

John Walton, a professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, has combined his knowledge of water with his personal curiosity about retirement income to create a "framework" for comparing safe withdrawal rates from a balanced portfolio.