At ‘Spirit on Lake,’ Gay Retirees Find Community

Lucretia Kirby (above) and other LGBT residents of a Minneapolis apartment building celebrated the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. This article, from the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council, first appeared at

The Overlooked Income Vehicle, III

Systematic withdrawals from DC plans are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to generate income from tax-deferred savings in retirement. Rollovers get the headlines, but more people advocate SWPs than you might have thought.

The Overlooked Income Vehicle, II

If more 401(k) plans offered systematic withdrawals, more money might stay in 401(k)s, and the DOL might not need to attempt the difficult and divisive task of policing rollover IRAs.

The Overlooked Income Vehicle

Systematic withdrawals from 401(k) plans are a widely-available but rarely-used way to create retirement income. Perhaps because electronic transfers are virtually free, nobody's championing them.

For B-Ds, Independence May Prove Confining

Our guest columnist is founder and CEO of Wealth2k, a Boston-area firm provider of digital platforms for advisors who use its Income for Life Model retirement planning system.

New whitepaper attacks DOL conflict-of-interest proposal

“If the rule is enacted as written,” write Jack Marrion and Kim O'Brien, “it will cause a severe disruption for many securities brokers and dealers but will be devastating for those who sell annuities and those who want to buy annuities."