In-Discretionary Accounts

Investment performance of popular “Rep-as-Portfolio-Manager" accounts lags direct-sold packaged portfolios, say analysts at Cerulli Associates and Fuse-Research.

With BluePrint Income, AARP Ups its Ante on Annuity Sales

AARP's 38 million members can now buy income annuities and fixed-rate annuities on a platform powered by fintech firm Blueprint Income. Buyers get a complimentary annual 'retirement income check-up' from a salaried, insurance-licensed adviser. 

We Could Use Some Inflation

The Treasury said this week that it will borrow (and spend) about $3 trillion this quarter, to cover its stimulus promises. Where does that money come from and where does it go? 'The capital is going from one pocket to another,' explains Vanguard's active Treasury fund manager, who expects the stimulus to be withdrawn in 2022.

Look Homeward, Seeker of Liquidity

During a market crisis, a reverse mortgage home equity line of credit (ReLOC) can be a lifeline of ready cash for homeowners ages 62 and older. Don Graves of HECM Advisors Group explains.

In FIA Arms Race, Hybrid Indexes are the Arms

Investors in Nationwide's New Heights fixed indexed annuities have a new index option: a globally diversified, multi-asset managed-volatility index from JP Morgan called MOZAIC.

The Quiet Revolution Begins

The chief economic adviser at Allianz analyzes the clash between traditional and "robo" financial service providers, and recommends 'institutional partnerships that combine the more agile existing platforms with exciting new content and approaches.'

How Vanguard participants save

Vanguard has released its annual almanac on the savings habits of participants in its retirement plans. You can read highlights from "How America Saves 2015" and link to a download of the 106-page report from this article.

Wood you, could you, be my alternative investment?

TIAA-CREF, which announced the close of a new timberland investment vehicle, has been investing in timberland since 1998 and manages a portfolio of over $2 billion in timber assets around the world.