These Hedges (Probably) Won’t Clip You

Listen to an actuary who put $50k into a five-year indexed variable annuity four years ago as an alternative to CDs. We explain how IVAs are priced, and we tell you how his investment has fared so far.
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How Equitable Invented the Structured Annuity

Indexed or "structured" variable annuities are on track to be a $20 billion business this year. The product, born of necessity, emerged from AXA's Innovation Hub ten years ago.
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Hear the ‘Stones on iHeartRadio, courtesy of Alliance for Lifetime Income; AM Best says higher reserve requirements hurt life/annuity companies in 1Q2020; AIG adds factor-based global index to its indexed annuity contracts; Schwab says owners of self-directed retirement accounts hold more cash; Empower on path to implementing SEC’s ‘Reg BI'.
Anecdotal Evidence

Is Employer-Sponsorship of Plans Suboptimal?

'In the wake of the pandemic, retirement and health insurance coverage are likely to be delinked from employer-provided plans in many countries,' writes Olivia Mitchell, executive director of the Pension Research Council at the Wharton School.

Demand for income-generating products is underestimated: CANNEX

Only one in seven advisors believes the average client is very interested in an income-generating product, but 42% of consumers say they are (or already own one), according to a survey conducted by Greenwald & Associates for CANNEX.


June 4, 2020

Does Your Suffering Need Buffering?

Buffered or structured variable annuities 'are the new shining star of the annuity market,' said Sheryl Moore, CEO of Wink, Inc., which tracks annuity sales. 'This is where life insurers will start focusing their...
May 28, 2020

BlackRock Makes a Bundle (with Annuities)

BlackRock, the giant asset manager, is adding a lifetime income dimension to its LifePath target date funds by partnering with Brighthouse, Equitable and Voya on a service that will help 401(k) participants buy individual...
May 21, 2020

Research Roundup

For weeks, interesting studies have been gushing from the National Bureau of Economic Research and elsewhere on the economic implications of COVID-19. We've selected and summarized seven of them for you.